BGC’s Mercato Centrale, a weekend lifestyle market!

My first post is about the newest weekend market Manila has to offer. Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City is packed with an array of delightful gourmet finds, organic produce and desserts galore! The hustle and bustle of food enthusiasts creates an energy that makes me tingle with joy! What an exciting feeling!


Organic produce can be found all over Mercato. I love the idea that we are starting to eat healthy or at least trying to eat healthy. Add a splash of green to every meal! =D

BAP-CHI  (Asian Bites with a Twist) – Something deliciously different. A great mix between the 2 flavors of Korea and Mexico. The Asian chicken quesadilla was my fave and the asian pulled pork bun with kimchi, a close second. It was so juicy, tender and full flavored. I loved that they used cilantro to balance its complex taste.

Beef Baprito
BAKED BY ANITA-  Her mini cupcakes are delicious, original and pretty to look at. You can tell that love is one of the main ingredients in her original creations. My fave is the apple caramel, nom nom nom! I manage to scarf at least 2 pieces whenever I’m there.  You must try her maple bacon flavoured cupcakes, i must say…. I was a bit weirded out by it at first, but when i tried it, it was dEEELish! As my son says “it’s like eating bacon and waffles”. Way to go Anita! Keep ’em coming! =D

Cant seem to get the Que’Dilla out of my mind! Oooozing with Korean chicken, cabbage slaw and Colby jack or monterrey jack cheese…. MMMMMM…. Good! Love the fresh taste of the salsa verde and garlic dressing….. extra kimchi pleeeease!!!! =D

Michelle Lopez-Solon’s Fave… the Que’Dilla with Kimchi =p

Wait….. Why am I so obsessed with Bap-Chi???? Why Oh Why???…… Because It’s MINE! Hahahhaha…. Come savour Bap-Chi’s delicious flavour every Saturday and Sunday at Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City (Behind The Spa, Bonifacio High Street) Open from 6am to 2pm. See you there!!!

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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