Tao shall eat Chicken!!!!

I’ve been hearing about this place from many of my friends, so I decided to take my mum and son out for another culinary adventure. Located at Resorts world, we entered into the lobby passing through the casino, my heart started jumping up and down with excitement; the energy and sounds coming from the casino reminds me of my trips to vegas and fills me with good memories. Ok, ok,  back to Tao shall eat chicken (hehe) – Walking through the hotel, going up the escalators somehow made me feel like  I was not in Manila at all. Loving that there are so many new restos to try out… one at a time, Pria…

As we were brought to our table, i was excited to start feasting on delicious food. Hmmmmm… decisions, decisions…

Grandma and apo waiting for our food to arrive…… patience is indeed a virtue =)

Cereal Prawns- Loved the crispy flavour combined with the slight sweetness of the cereal. Interesting! =D

Ahhhhhh…. this is what we came for! Attack!!!! Is chicken just a chicken??? This chicken was moist, juicy and covered in their special sauce. I enjoyed this dish, i just wished the ginger scallion sauce had a little more umph to it. This comes in second to Summer Palace’s White chicken with ginger sauce for me.

This shrimp spring roll was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised to find large pieces of shrimp inside and it was full of flavour.

My son is a vegetable fiend! He loves his veggies, as do I and this garlic kailan dish was perfect. Simple, no fuss….. delicious.

Our very attentive waiter, Mr. Marlon Matic – I swear, that’s his real name =p  Service that day was impeccable. Fast, courteous, attentive and most important of all, he was constantly smiling. I just hate it when servers approach you with the “look of gloom, how may i take your order please attitude”. If you’re in the service industry, serve with all your heart as if doing it for the Lord. =D  Be sure to ask that Marlon wait on you when you decide to visit. =D

Ahhhhh….. this dessert courtesy of the restaurant, was surprisingly different. I have never had melon sago before, it was served ice cold and it was so refreshingly delicious! A must try, for sure!


2nd floor Resorts World

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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