Sleepless in Seattle?….. I think Not!

My first trip to Seattle, was indeed memorable. Not only did i get to see the famous Pike Market that i have been dying to see, I was able to spend time with a dear friend of mine and together, we enjoyed and “devoured”  Seattle a little bite at a time.

Exploring the city and the tremendous amounts of delicious food, Seattle is truly one of the gastronomic capitals of the United States. Every resto, may it be fine dining, a little cafe or even a stall in the market, food was just bursting with flavour!

A small and quaint resto in the outskirts of the business district, St. Clouds had amazing dishes…… Nestled behind the front of the house was a cute little garden filled with the locals of the area chatting up with friends and family, having some wine, cheese and just truly enjoying this wonderful summer day.

To start, we had a duo of fig and caramelized onions over goat cheese and fruit. Simple yet so delicious. Mmmm….

Our entree arrives just in the knick of time. Jumbo sea scallops pan seared to perfection, these juicy babies were amazing! They were served with Jasmine rice and smothered in a coconut milk reduction and topped with tomatoes, corn and chopped cilantro. I tell you, this was Heaven on a plate. Ohhhh… did i forget to mention bacon? There were bacon lardons that capped each juicy scallop… Oh happy day! =D

My son decided to go for the Ribeye steak, covered in a basil butter and served with poletnta triangles and haricot verts. Delish!

Walking around Seattle was fantastic. This city has a ton of character. I loved being in Seattle.

Ahhhh…..Pike Market, the Markets of all markets. I was floored. Loved all the colours, sounds, smells and flavours. Everything was so fresh! I wanted to whip out a pan and stove and just cook. This was truly a great and memorable trip. Thanks Mel and T!


Dipped in lemon butter and freshly cracked black pepper… nom nom nom
They had every spice you could possibly want. It smelled amazing in there. By the pound, oz, whatever spice you wanted, they had it. I wanted to lug everything home, if it weren’t for the airline baggage allocation. =(
Say Cheeeeese! =) Be sure to visit Beechers when you go. Delicious homemade cheese. =)
Now a Seattle trip would not be complete without a cup of joe to cap of the evening. It was great to see where Starbucks first started out.  Coffee fever! =D
Day one of my Seattle trip was definitely amazing! Loving and cherishing all the wonderful memories of my dear friends. Thank you so much for welcoming Andrew and me into your home and showing us the true beauty that Seattle has to offer. See you guys in NYC!
‘Til our next adventure!!! =)
“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”

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