A Steakhouse and True Friendship

Visited a good friend of of mine and her family in Las Vegas this year. Reminiscing on the good old days, eating great food and making new memories was definitely the highlight of our trip.

They so generously took Andrew and I to CRAFT, an amazing steakhouse located at the MGM Grand. The ambiance, food and service were impeccable! We needed to be wheeled out of there.

Fresh buffalo Mozzarella, Peppers and aged balsamic. This dish was so creamy.

Frisse with blue cheese and panchetta

Melt in your mouth Hamachi with citrus segments. Soooo deelish!

Roasted bell pepper side dish

Wagyu ribeye. This Baby was thick and juicy!

Scallops in Buerre Blanc sauce.

Oh my! I can still remember what this grade A Kobe Skirt steak tastes like, melt in your mouth goodness! So Heavenly!

Angus Strip. Excellent, but  after the kobe, all steak seems to be just….. steak! hahaha

Roasted beets. They were so sweet and fresh.

Mushroom risotto. I didn’t get to try this bec i was stuffed! Andrew said it was amazing.

Ahhhhh…. the wagyu short rib, left us all speechless!

Frites anyone?

Monkey Bread and Sorbet.

We left Craft in dire need of 5 stretchers! The food was amazing! Definitely a MUST TRY when in Vegas.


Thanks so much my dear sister and friend. Vegas is truly my second home because of the family  and friendship you and I have. Your turn, Hayia and family! The Philippines awaits your family’s presence. =)

Andrew and Isaac. Childhood pals all grown up!

You show him drew!!! Hahaha!


“Food nourishes the body as God’s word nourishes the soul”


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