Cakes and Beyond!

Looking for a cake for weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, bridal showers etc? SWELL SWEETS makes them all. Angela “Gel” Colet makes fantabulous original cake creations. Her cakes are not only beautiful, they taste amazing as well. Her bubbly personality and her generous heart makes her cakes taste even better.

Check out some of Gel’s fabulous creations.


I Love her chocolate cake base for the cupcakes =) yuuuum!!!


Check Gel’s Website at


“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


2 thoughts on “Cakes and Beyond!

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  1. Congratulatins to your business venture! What an awesome website! Great food ideas and concepts. Food is such an integral part of the human body that it restores, revitalizes and nourishes our overall well-being. Food is a means of comfort, brings us happiness and possibly help us live longer. May God continue to bless your hands to work wonders!

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