Cafe Juanita @ BCG

Filipino food is comfort food for many. I like Pinoy food, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I can’t eat it all the time; until……Cafe Juanita opened at Bonifacio Global City where there’s pinoy food, thai, pastas and loads more for you to try! 😀

Its eclectic ambiance creates a fun dining experience. They have a ton of little knick knacks all over the resto, and it makes you wonder where they’re from, how old they are etc.. makes for good dining conversation, don’t you think? 😉    Please be sure to make reservations because Cafe Juanita is always packed. 😀

Wait….. Did i mention the food? Deeeeelish!!! 😛

First up… the fish fillet with tamarind sauce….mmmmm  good! Next… the binagoongan and for some veggies… Ratatoy…. yes… you heard me right.. Ratatoy is the Pinoy version of Ratatouille and it is combined with dried fish. Pretty creative I might say… 💡

Tinuktuk: Gabi leaves stuffed with crabmeat and sits on a crab fat sauce. Ohhhh boy! Just a small bite won’t hurt! 😉  And of course there is the famous beef caldereta. This dish, I have to say is really yuuummy!!

Ok..ok.. May I introduce to you…. Cafe Juanita’s bagoong rice. I’ll let the photo speak for itself. 😛

Leche Flan and Turon, anyone???? 😉 Nom…Nom…Nom…

Make sure to say hi to Cafe Juanita’s owner, Verns Chiongbian. Not only is she friendly, she can recommend the best selling dishes for you to try 😀

This was another glorious day to be out and about. Praise God I exercised after this food tripping session. 😯

Come visit Cafe Juanita at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City


“Food nourishes the body as God’s word nourishes the soul”


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