Japanese Food, My Comfort Food

I have lunch with a group of ladies who are total foodies, at least once a month and I really enjoy their company. We talk about all sorts of things from our children, marriges (theirs, not mine) 😉  God, movies, we crack jokes, talk about serious and humorous topics and just enjoy each others company. We have dubbed it ” The Lunch Groupies”

We were all looking for a place to try out in Makati, because our usual go to yakiniku place was closed for renovation. I asked a friend of mine, Gina Reyes to recommend a place for us. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the destination, the resto didn’t open til 5pm. 😦 I guess it was a blessing in disguise because there was a small little Japanese place beside it, and we decided to give it a try. It was called “Mangetsu”.

It was a small Japanese Restaurant located at the Creekside Mall in Makati. As we walked in, there was a tiny hallway that led us up to the 2nd floor. It was a cute little Japanese resto reminiscent of those small yakitori places in Japan. I found it a bit dark (lighting wise) for my taste, but we were all excited to try it out.

Assorted sushi platter

Uni sushi

Fried chicken with 3 kinds of salt and Tofu Gratin (I enjoyed this)

Cold soba noodles and Seaweed fried rice

2 types of yakitori. I like eating my yakitori plain with no sauce and eaten with a splash of soy sauce, togarashi, lime (in this case it was calamansi) and grated radish! Yuuuum!

Nikki Poblador      and      Dea Rubio
Lirio Torres
Goes to show that plans may change at the last minute and we may not be in control of certain things, but one thing stays true…. having a group of strong, vibrant, intelligent, compassionate, elegant and funny women,  dining anywhere would be just as fun!
Thanks ladies. See you all soon!
We were missing one lunch groupie. Al de Leon. See you at the next lunch, girl! 😀
“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”

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