Cantineta at Burgos Circle

I remember Cantineta’s first outlet was located at the Karivin Plaza on Pasong Tamo Extension. I used to frequent the place with my son and friends. This was a place we would go to when we wanted to steer clear of all the traffic in the CBD area.

Cantineta at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

My dear friends, Jenny and Eric invited me out to lunch, at Cantineta Burgos Circle. We had a grand time chatting up a storm and enjoying good food and even better company. We were the first ones there and about 15 minutes into our meal, the place started to fill up. Praise God we got there early. πŸ˜€

Real friends are truly a blessing from the Lord! πŸ˜€

This 4 cheese pizza was sooooo good!!! Pepperonccini please! πŸ˜›

We had a lot of steak Β and pizza left over, but here are The ORTS, That no one seemed to want once again. hahahhaha!! Jahe-Jahe pa πŸ˜›

Til my next post! πŸ˜€

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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