BG’s Birthday at Opus :)

I was excited to learn that I was  invited to BG Gonzalez’s birthday dinner at Opus. I have been friends with the Rojas and Gonzalez family for a long time now, almost 20 some years. Wow! Time flies by soooo FAST! 😯  In fact, I consider them as my family. I have always wanted to check the place out for quite sometime, hearing all the great things about this place from my dear son, Andrew, my siblings and my friends, but never had the opportunity until tonight. Thanks guys! 😀

The birthday boy with his wife Jaye and son Ridge 😀

The dinner started early and we were fortunate enough to be given a tour by the owner, Mike Cua. During our conversation, he mentioned that Opus, which means masterpiece, was the inspiration behind this exquisite restaurant/lounge. All of the dining room walls were covered with murals of the masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci. He went on by saying, that even the wooden floors were patterned after The Louvre! Whoa! Opus…. truly  a befitting name, for this gorgeous place. Being that it was quite early and on a monday night at that, we even got to see Republic from a totally different perspective. Both places were so glamourous and bewitching, I am actually looking forward to dancing up a storm, one of these days 😉 hehehehhe.

What a gorgeous bar!

Jaye  or Mrs. G 🙂

Gorgeous Dining Rooms. Look at those walls. I love it! 😀

Our private dining room for the night.

Mr. and Mrs. G 😀

Tita Cooky and Tito Oscar                    Jenny                             Ramoo and Ramby

This eel and Foie starter was OMGulay! Soooo good!

One of the highlights of the evening (well…. for me, at least)  was meeting the chef, Carlos Miguel (One of the contestants of the biggest loser, Asia).  I wanted to let him know that the food was amazingly delicious, and of course wanted to ask him about what he went through during the show. hehehhe…. (sneaky, ba?).  As we were chatting with him, I couldn’t help but ask, he was gracious enough to talk to us about his experience on the “ranch”. I left the conversation inspired, wanting to exercise (esp after our fantabulous meal) and I must admit, a bit giddy! hahahahha! He’s so…… Ahem… cute! 😛 ok…ok… back to my post!

Chef Carlo and Ramoo

I had such a great gastronomical experience tonight. I will definitely be back and will bring friends and family with me 😀

Thank you to my dear Rojas and Gonzalez family for allowing me to be a part of your birthday celebration. Happy Birthday BEEJ!!!! 😀

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people/family in my life. Thank you, Jesus 😀


2nd floor, Resorts World Mall

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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