SINGAPORE Adventure part 1 NEWTON Circus-

My son and I packed our bags late last night and I ended up sleeping at 3am! I thank God that the flight I chose was at 3pm the following day, so we were able to sleep in. This was our first trip to Singapore, and we were both so psyched! I was so excited, that I forgot to document some shots! Hahaha!

A big THANK YOU to Adam and May Turner for opening up your beautiful home to Andrew and me. I can already tell, that this is gonna be a great trip! 😀 Thanks guys!

Adam and May Turner – Such an awesome couple! Love you guys!

Our first stop….

I totally love that they had this board! Want to try the fried carrot cake next time! 😀

Andrew is psyched 😛

NEWTON on a Friday night! 

Those prawns were MASSIVE!

Adam’s Fave Seafood Stall… Number 82!

These were good! Simple with a hint of 5-spice powder. Squeeze a bit of calamansi and Voila! Deeelish!

Sweet Fried Dough for the chili crab                             Char Kway Teow

Cereal Prawns                                  This oyster pancake was… FANTASTIC!

The Chili Crab! Andrew loved this!   Here are the BBQ wings! Simple but delish!

It was unbelievably hot that night! Whoa! 😯 Needs a getting used to! I’ll get there! hehehhe. Loving every minute in Singapore! Can’t wait to explore tomorrow! 😀


“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


5 thoughts on “SINGAPORE Adventure part 1 NEWTON Circus-

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  1. Wow, good old Newton (Circus) – truly a tourist’s delight.
    Amazing how those waiters can find where seated when they start delivering your orders – that is if you’re seated in the open air area. Miss those HUGE tiger prawns! ;o)

  2. I’ve traveled to many lands that have great food, but drinking a Tiger beer and having the chili stingray at Newtons was the best meal, very friendly people, and a very exciting atmosphere! You have experienced one of lifes true gems being there.

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