All About Singapore 3

After our delicious breakfast, we went around looking at a couple of universities in the area. We went to SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) and NUS. Both campuses were gorgeous and very different from each other. We instantly “fell in love” with NUS’ sprawling campus lined with trees, tennis courts and a massive track and field where students were engaging in cricket and rugby. Gorgeous campus indeed!

After all that walking in the heat, it was time for lunch! Yay! 😀 We met up with May in the city. It was a hot hot day and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a food cart being surrounded with a long queue, so we decided to check it out. There was an old man selling ice cream on the streets of Orchard road. I had to give it a try! I guess this is Singapore’s alternative to the Philippine’s “Dirty Ice Cream” which of course is super clean! 😉

Mother-Son Bonding! I love it!

Mango for Andrew and Red Bean for me. They were both so refreshingly delicious!

Several meters away, at the Paragon Mall, was a restaurant that was highly recommended to us by several friends. We had to go and check it out! It turned out to be AMAZING!!! 😀 Their specialty, Xiao Long Pao!!! Mmmmmm…. A must go, when in Singapore!

May and Adam 😀 I love this couple!

Hard at work to produce these delicate and delicious bundles, oozing with succulent flavour! Nom…nom…nom…. 😛

These babies burst in your mouth as you bite into them and the juices that come out of it, are spectacularly full flavoured! I was blown away! I don’t like xiao’s here in the Philippines. I think they have such a “porky” taste that I don’t particularly like, but these were sooo amazing! 😀

Shrimp and pork Xiao’s. The orig is so much better, but delicious nonetheless. 🙂

The drunken chicken and Kailan with garlic! MmmmGood!

This noodle soup was, ok lang. Nothing great! A bit KSL (Kulang sa lasa) for me. 😛

May and Adam had to go home to prepare for their date night, as Andrew and I wandered the city. It is an amazing city with sooooo much to do. We ended up at the Ion Mall and “combed” through the place one level at a time. 😛

There was a store called Vom FASS that caught my eye and I naturally gravitated towards it. It was a store that had an array of oils stored in barrels where one can purchase them in 100 ml bottles. They even had flavoured brandy, herbs and chocolate! My kind of store indeed!

Filled with delicious flavoured brandy.

My purchase of the day. Truffle oil. 😀

Day 2 not over yet! Will post the continuation again tomorrow. This was a day that lasted 12.5 hours! It was exhausting but so fulfilling! Can’t believe I walked in the heat for that long and survived!! Hahaha!!! I’d go back in a heartbeat!

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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