Sarangani Adventures Part 2

After our wonderful breakfast at Sarangani Highlands, we took our guests to Lemlunay Dive Resort in Maasim. Lemlunay, which means “paradise” in T’boli (A tribe that is indigenous to Mindanao), is definitely a beautiful place for the locals and tourists to come visit and get some major R & R. They have PADI certified instructors and dive masters at the resort. Although I am quite terrified to dive, my son, siblings, friends and a lot of foreign tourists go down and explore the beauty of Sarangani Bay, witnessing the splendor of the bountiful sea, which by the way has been declared a protected seascape by Presidential proclamation. Definitely one of my favourite places to go to for my much needed R&R away from the city.

Their newly constructed infinity pool with 10 new rooms/casittas surrounding it. 😀
The Sashimi Boat waiting for the Yellow Fin Tuna and Diana to arrive. 🙂

From the bountiful waters of Sarangani Bay…….. WOW!!! 😯

Uber FRESH 35 kilo Grade A Yellow Fin Tuna Caught using a hand line!  Talk about FRESH!!!  Where’s the Sashimi chef?! 😛
65 kiloDiana Fish, caught by hand line, 600 ft under!!  Sarangani Bay…… Wow!!! This fish tasted like “toro” eaten raw and melts in your mouth when grilled! Nom…Nom…Nom..!!!!!

Look at the size of that fish! It was huge!

My dear brother walks in and got the surprise of his life! He was so happy! Thank you for making his 40th birthday memorable. 😀

My apologies if the photos are a bit blurry, he was moving so fast! =(

Thanks for the cake, Ming!!!! 😀
The sashimi experts finally arrive 😛

Oscar gets first bite. It was so fresh and DEEEEELISH!!!! =D
It doesn’t get any fresher than this! 😀
This Diana Sashimi was AMAZING!
Steve rockin’ the drums. Go kuya!!! 😛
Thanks to the Lemlunay staff !!! A big shout out to the owner, Paul Partridge and Manager Amy. Thank you all so much. You all made Steve so happy! God Bless you guys!

This was an amazing night! Happy Birthday, STEVIE BOY!!! 😉

May the Lord continue to bless you and Mit with great abundance in all aspects of your lives. May you continue to serve God and the people of Sarangani with obedience to the Lord, integrity and honesty. You have both made your families proud! 😀 I love you guys!

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”

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