Sarangani – Create Your Own Adventure Part 1

There are so many amazing things to see and wonderful activities to do, in Sarangani. Not to mention breathing in all that fresh air…… no wonder I get sleepy so early in the evening… all that oxygen is… oh so good! 😀

Sarangani Province, which is located at the Southern most tip of Mindanao, is a place I call “home” when I want to get out of the city and just relax. The province is full of wonderful “unadulterated” white sand beaches reminiscent of Boracay 20 years ago.  I like visiting the different tribes in the province, and learning about their culture and practices and even their cooking methods. I find so much peace when I’m up in the mountains breathing in, all that fresh air. Another must when I’m in Sarangani is going down  Pangi river on an inner tube and going river tubing! It’s beautiful scenic view and pristine waters completely refresh my spirit.

Tubing down the Pangi River.

Up the mountain they go! 😀

WooooHoooo!!!! 😀

Isn’t that just GORGEOUS????? WOW! 😯

White Sand Beaches in Gumasa, Glan

Beautiful Tinoto beaches in Maasim, a diver’s haven 😀

Pilot Whale Watching in Sarangani Bay…. 😯

What beautiful creatures of the sea.

Aside from all the fantastic things to do, the seafood is AMAZING!! After eating such fresh fish everyday, Manila’s fish doesn’t taste the same. 😦  The people are warm and hospitable, the food…. utterly delicious, and the scenic beauty….. priceless! I love Sarangani!!! 😀

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Next up….

Visiting Lamlifew ( A tribe indigenous to Sarangani) and  Turtle sanctuary

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


5 thoughts on “Sarangani – Create Your Own Adventure Part 1

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  1. Hello po Ms. Pria! I am from Gensan and my husband is from Glan, Sarangani. Thanks for posting these cool picssssssss! I now know that I have to see those whales at the other side of Sar. And those giant rocks! Old and strong! I have to see them! I am a hugeee fan of Glan (specially Gumasa) but I think I’ll start exploring the other municipalities now.. hehehe. Thanks po. Oh – and the food pics – naglalaway na kami ng nanay ko. Galing!
    God bless you po. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Hi Sharon. Glan is beautiful! I love all the beaches, the people and the food! hehehe There are so many wonderful places and activities to do in Sarangani. Yes, explore away 😀 Thanks for reading. Means a lot.

  2. Hey, cool! Where did you get all those photos? Did you do those things when we left? 😦 I miss Sarangani alot!

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