Chili’s Anyone?

I just love that they finally opened a branch of Chili’s at the Power Plant Mall (Rockwell). The family decided to have lunch out today, and we had a buffet of restos to choose from and we were completely stomped! Until…… my brother Steve decided on Chili’s. So Chili’s it was 😀

This place is always packed for lunch, and we had to wait for quite a bit of time to be seated. Worth the wait! Too bad that it was too early in the day to have a drink, because I really like their frozen margaritas 😉

Mother and Father Goose 😀

Manong 😛 and Mit

As we sat down to order, my dear sister, Michelle and I were laughing and laughing because Steve, mother and father goose ordered the exact same thing! 😯 Mind you, each dish is quite huge and they had loads to take out because they couldn’t finish it. 😛

We had the nachos as our starter. Nom..Nom… Nom… 😛

They all opted for the Chili’s Club Sandwich. 😯

My dear sis and I split a burger and a salad, but were we both so full that we ended up taking it home, after a few bites of course. 😉

Having Lunch with my parents and siblings made me miss my other 2 sibs who are out of the country. Miss you Tomasso and Sammy-O! See you guys soon! Oh yeah!… Miss you too Ken and Drew 😛

I love my family and I thank the Lord for them everyday. 😀

Still missing 4 members. Can't wait to be complete soon! 😀

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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    1. I meant pring! I’m using this iPad and sometimes the dictionary comes on and immediately changes my words! Argh!

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