Lugang Cafe Greenhills

I have been hearing a lot of people ooohing and ahhhing about this resto, located in Connecticut St. in Greehills. My dear cousin, who frequents the place, took me there for lunch one day and I was so psyched to check it out and taste all the delicious food.

Lugang, pronounced as “Lu-Kang”, a franchise from Shanghai opened it’s doors on November 2010. It’s sleek interiors and bright cheerful ambiance makes for a complete dining experience. 🙂 They have private dining rooms and have a lounge/outdoor patio on the 3rd floor. Great for private parties!   I’m definitely waiting for them to open another branch in the  Makati area 😉 (Ms Katrina Chua…… Makati, soon, right?, hehehhe )

Meet Katrina Chua, owner/operations Manager. Ask your wait staff to call her and she will be more than willing to recommend the best dishes of the house. 🙂 She is so easy to talk to and very accommodating. Thanks Katrina! 😉

Here we go……

My dear cousin, Nina whom I completely trust when it comes to good food, highly recommended the crispy chicken and steamed scallion chicken. I know….. I know….. ordering 2 chicken dishes, kinda strange? Let me tell you…. these chickens are flown in from Hong Kong, and they are succulent, tender, juicy and oozing with deliciousness!!! OMGulay! It was yuuuum!! That’s the difference! 😀  Hmmmmm…. now I’m craving for the steamed chicken…. Nom..Nom…Nom….

The Deeeelish Desserts…. So refreshing!

BUSOG!!! 🙂

As we were leaving the resto, there was a man selling fresh potted herbs! I needed to stop and purchase some. He had cilantro, basil, mint, tarragon, italian oregano, thyme, and several others. I bought a whole bunch to add to my herb garden at home. What a great buy!

I will definitely be back for both Lugang (chicken) and the “Herb-Man” hahaha! 😛

Lugang Cafe

115 Connecticut St

Northeast Greenhills, San Juan, MM

775-7599 . 570-9011 . 09176992254

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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  1. herbs are the hardest to take care of:( mine all died 😦 i think i need a garden now instead of pots. 🙂 or should i talk to them while watering them? hehe

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