The Mac Arthur Lounge and Suites, Manila Hotel

As we were walking toward the Newly renovated Mac Arthur Lounge and Suites, we walked by a door that had “CREW LOUNGE” written on it. I went in and decided to check it out. This lounge is apparently used for the Airline crew of China Airlines and several airlines that house the pilots and the rest of the crew while they’re here. Pretty cool! 😀


As we proceeded to the Lounge/Suites, we passed by this beautiful ceiling decor. It immediately caught my eye and I needed to take a shot. Beautiful!

The newly renovated lounge. This is for VIP guests and those that stay in the Mac Arthur Suites.

Complete with concierge and butler service all day and night

It even has its own conference room at your disposal! Noice! 😀


The hallway taking you to the new suites. The suites run for about US$600++/night

The Living Room
The Bedroom - I wanted to jump on the bed! hahaha
Would love to read a book while lounging in this! 😀
Loving the TV =)

What a night! This was a treat for us! Thanks to Babyruth for organizing this tour for us. More coming up! 😀


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