A Night with Master Chef Sam Leong, Shang Palace

Makati Shangrila’s, Shang Palace featured Master Chef, Sam Leong. “He is Singapore’s most celebrated chef. He is known for setting trends in Chinese modern cuisine. He has a tremendous number of awards including the World Gourmet Summit Award of Excellence. The chef is also one of the eight award-winning chefs of the International Culinary Panel of Singapore Airlines”.

My dear friend Babyruth invited me to join her and her 2 friends for a night out at Shang Palace to partake in this wonderful gastronomical event. I have been eagerly awaiting for this day to come and I couldn’t believe that it was finally here.

Aside from being a part of this dinner, I was so honoured to meet another world renowned celebrity chef from NYC and Beijing, Chef Rey Lim. He has created magnificent culinary dishes for the likes of Bouley in NYC, Penninsula Hotel, Biejing, The Courtyard Palace, Beijing and was Lufthansa’s Star Chef that created all the fantastic meals of it’s first and business class patrons during the Beijing Olympics, mind you, World Wide 🙂 He is such an amazing guy, so easy to talk to, so down to earth, and boy, he is a comedian at that! I had a blast with him that night, and looking forward to more dinner/outings with this group of amazing people. 😉

I was also so fortunate to meet Ms. Cecile F. Webber, Shangrila Makati’s Director of Sales and Marketing. She was such a wonderful lady. Thanks so much, Cecile 😀


I was so excited to see all the wonderful dishes prepared, smell the aromas of all the different herbs and spices, and taste the flavours of nothing but, ultimate culinary perfection. Dining with Chef Rey, Chef Jo and Babyruth just made it more exciting. There’s nothing better than savouring each bite with fellow gastronomes. 😀 Nom…nom…nom…

Let the degustation begin. 😉

The delicious wines from Carmen, Chile
3 of our 7 course meal
Oooooh!!! I was so excited to start tasting!
All lined up and ready to be filled!

Here were our appetizers. Shang Palace’s tofu was sooooo good!!!

Steamed Chawanmushi with Mushroom and Dried Scallop in Abalone Sauce
Crispy Prawn coated with Wasabi Mayo and Mango Salsa
Spinach Broth with King Crab Meat and Enoki Mushrooms
Steamed Cod Fillet with Homemade Ginger Sauce on Lotus Leaves

Everything was so delicious, but this next dish was my our entire table’s ultimate fave! Succulent Wagyu Ox Tail braised to perfection, and those radish balls, had such a wonderful smoked aroma and flavour that burst in your mouth. As Chef Rey says “You can tell that this Chef is good because he is able to pull this off perfectly” (Or something to the likes of it 😉 ) and I agree…. it was amazing!

Slow Cooked Wagyu Beef Ox Tail with Young Daikon
Singapore-Style Chili Crab Meat

This was so refreshing. Who knew that coffee and avocado would taste amazing together? Master Chef Sam Leong did! It was delicious! 😛

Chilled Fresh Avocado Puree with Homemade Coffee Ice Cream
Mine and Babyruth's wine tags. The wines were delish!

Chef Sam Leong visits our table, and we managed to get our menus autographed 😉 Yaay for me and Babyruth! What was so amazing to me that night was that Chef Sam and Chef Rey worked together and are friends. I was in the presence of culinary masters, World renowned at that! 😯

Chef Sam Leong

3 wonderful chefs at our table. Master Chef Sam Leong, Chef Josephine Candelaria of Manila Hotel’s Mabuhay Palace and Chef Rey Lim, The Courtyard Palace, Beijing WOWZA!!! 😀

Chef Leong, Chef Jo and Chef Rey

This was truly a night for the books! I had a fantabulous time tonight! Delicious food, great wine and bubbly ( I may have had a bit too much that night, hehehe) and the best part of it all….. awesome company!  Looking forward to our next night out! 😀

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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  1. I hope I can get his book here.
    Wonderful food!
    I hope to get to eat at his restaurant when I go to Singapore.
    And us getting so much wine and bubbly didn’t hurt either! Hic! Oops! 🙂

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