Homemade Pasta with Drew

I love mother-son bonding moments in the kitchen. I asked my son, Andrew to join me as I made homemade pasta for our lunch today. He gladly jumped in and tried it out. He kneaded the dough until smooth and pliable, pauses for a mini break and he tells me… “Mom, this is fun” My 19 year old son, making pasta? That’s awesome. I thank God for these bonding moments and it  brings me so much joy , knowing that he enjoys to cook and experiment in the kitchen. 🙂

Here’s Drew working the pasta machine 🙂

Go DREW!!!! Perfect fetuccine, I must say 🙂
On a mini break...
Andrew made 3 trays of homemade pasta. Phew!

Andrew’s little helper?! 😉

Eagerly waiting for scraps to fall and get a taste of yummylicious pasta.

Pasta is quite easy to make. It takes a little bit of practice and elbow grease, but it’s a fun stress relieving activity. Good for taking out any agression you may have 😉


3     cups          All purpose flour

1/2 tsp            salt

4  pcs              Eggs, Large

  1. On your clean countertop, make a well using the flour, add the salt and add in the eggs. slowly incorporate the eggs until it forms into a dough. Knead the dough for about 10 minutes or until the dough is not longer sticky and is pliable. NOTE** (you can do this step using a bowl as well. Place all the ingredients in and fully incorporating them until it forms into a dough)
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest for about 30 minutes.
  1. Cut a small piece of the dough and place it onto the pasta maker’s largest setting (1) and run the dough through at least twice.
  2. Turn the knob down to 2, and go through it once…. do this until you hit no 6 or the second to the last setting.
  3. When the pasta dough is thinned out, run the dough in the fetuccine blade and set aside.
  1. Once the dough has rested, take a rolling pin and roll out your pasta until your desired thickness. Try to get it as thin as you can making sure that your bench is floured to prevent sticking.
  2. Fold the pasta lengthwise (please make sure that it is lightly floured to prevent sticking). Using a sharp knife, cut the pasta into your desired thickness. Lossen and set aside.


  1. In a stockpot, add water and bring to a rolling boil and add salt. Make sure that the water is salty.
  2. Add your pasta and cook for about 2-3 minutes until al dente.
  3. Serve with your fave pasta sauce.
ENJOY!!! 😀
“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”

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