Jelu House of Decor and Miss O.C. @Karl Edwards Bazaar Day 2

I know that the title of my blog is, Purpose Driven Chef, and I should be writing about food and the like, but these 2 stores at the bazaar caught my eye and I felt like writing about them. I have purchased some items from JELU House of decor, and I use them for all my parties and get togethers. All my friends ask me where I get my wonderful lacquered dishes, platters, placemats and coasters etc. Well my dear friends, its not a secret anymore. Jelu House of Decor has an outlet at the Karl Edwards Bazaar and it is filled and stocked with an array of amazing lacquered items from Vietnam. The have a showroom located in Makati and they have even more stuff there! Check these out! They are wonderful to give away as Christmas gifts, birthdays and even weddings. Check their store out!

Colorful trays, placemats and coasters.
Jelu's Fab store bursting with color! This brings a smile to my face all the time! 🙂
Bamboo coated lacquered serving bowls and a gorgeous ice bucket
Rice bowls and mini trays (set of 3)
Lamps that make you smile 🙂 and serving platters that you can use with hot or cold food.

Another fabulous store if you’re OC like me is Miss. O.C. I love the name! This store carries a ton of things that help organize all the clutter in my bag! I love this store as well! They have packing cubes, bag organizers, wallets, carry all organizers, phone holders and much more! Check out MISS O.C.’s Store. 😛

Love the name and their products 🙂
This is another store that makes me happy.

Every time I pass by Miss O.C., I feel the need to get more stuff so I can arrange my closet, my handbag, my car and my room. The O.C-ness in me comes out and this is the perfect store for me! 😉

Jen (Co-Owner of Jelu) and Miss O.C.'s, Gail. Be sure to say hi when you drop by 🙂

It was another wonderful day shopping at the Karl Edwards Bazaar. I look forward to heading down there every weekend! Drop by and look around. They have wonderful gift items, shoes, bags, perfume, winter jackets and LOTS more!

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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  1. hi, do you have Miss OC’s number? I ordered a bunch of stuff from them over the holidays, but i lost the number in my phone..

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