Karl Edwards Bazaar Day 3 – Bazaar finds!

The NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig has been the home of the Karl Edwards Bazaar for almost 12 years! Starting September  to December each year, the bazaar opens its doors every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 am to 7pm and a week before Christmas, it’s open everyday. This is a place where you can find just about anything pertaining to gift-giving, personal use and home decor, for ALL occasions.

The beautiful ladies of the Karl Edwards Bazaar

It was another fantabulous weekend at the Karl Edwards Bazaar. Malu Chiongbian starts her day with a wonderful smile and a  BAPLICIOUS Delight!  Her choice?? Bap-Chi’s Chicken Que’Dilla, of course 😉

The tinapa is so delish! I have had this for brekky twice in a row! The bottled tinapa is packed in pure olive oil! Mmmmmm...
Baked by Anita's scrumptious creations.
Candoy's Dalandan Concentrate. So refreshing! Sarrrap!
Wonderful dresses and shirts. They have a lot of overruns that are very reasonable.
A store full of knick knacks perfect for gift-giving

Malu at the Jelu Store. Lots of beautiful finds for all occasion gift-giving!
Jen and Malu, the women behind Jelu 😛
Lots of beautiful dresses to choose from.
Malu and B 🙂
A memory foam store! Love the pillows!
Can't sleep? This is the store for you. This will make sleeping even more desirable.
Angry Bird Hats anyone? Kids come in and walk out wearing these hats. So cute!
Wonderful honeycomb robes and towels. Perfect for gift giving this Christmas.
The drinks/soda station. They even have wine either to bring home or drink there. 😉
The lobby where you can rest, grab a drink, eat and shop again! Hehehe. 😉

These are just a few items that I was able to take photos of today. The NBC tent is packed with many wonderful finds. Come visit the NBC when you can. Walking out without a good find is quite rare. Beat the Christmas rush and visit soon! 😛

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


3 thoughts on “Karl Edwards Bazaar Day 3 – Bazaar finds!

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  1. Pria, everytime I see your Bapchi updates on Facebook I get hungry! Open one here in CT or come and visit so I can have your cooking.

    Miss you!


  2. will visit you one of these days pri! miss na bapchi que’dilla and gonna get one of those sleep apnea pillows for my brother!!! perfect!!! thanks for posting this!

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