MPC Chucker – Deux

It was Ramby’s birthday and the Rojas-Gonzalez family celebrated it with a feast at the Manila Polo Club’s Last Chucker. We had an abundance of food, great conversation and laughter all around! Happy Birthday, Rambs!

Ordering our lunch. BOY!!! did they order! We had a ton of food!
The birthday boy, Ramby, Ria and Jaye, Marco and Jenny
Loving the new packaging of Coke Zero!
Started off with salads. We had 9 orders! Whoa! Watercress, blue cheese and raspberry dressing. Dijon and apple salad
Ramoo's bruschetta trio. This was ok lang for me.
The 3rd salad. Each salad came in 3's
Deeelish 4 cheese!
Nom...Nom...Nom....I didnt have this today, but have eaten this so many times. So good!

Seafood Pizza πŸ˜›
Chicken from their wood burning oven. Yuuuum! They ordered 4 of these!!!
Jenny's fish dish. she wasn't too happy with this. 😦
Pastas! Pastas! Pastas! Yup you guessed it, there were 2 or was it 3 orders of EACH! hahahaha!
Plus! 2 bowls of chicken i mean beef teriyaki! This was ok lang.

Forgot to photograph the desserts we had 😦 sorry ’bout that!

Rooney and Ridge. Makes me wonder what they were talking about. Hahah!
The chucker's awesome wood burning oven! What a beaut!
Rooney and Ridge. Such cuties!
All done, ready to be rolled out the door and with a lot of take home bags to boot!

Spending the day with family and friends is an amazing way to spend a holiday! Happy Birthday, Rambs! Thanks for having me over Rojas-Gonzalez family! πŸ˜€ Here’s to good friends, good food and amazing conversation!

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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