Old Swiss Inn

It was another fabulous holiday this week and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it…. with fab friends and delicious food, of course! 😉 We decided to head over to the Old Swiss Inn. This resto has been here for years and years, and I never get tired of it! It looks the same as it did many years ago and the cheeeeseeee??? FANTASTIC!! I love love love their Raclette!

While we were waiting for Babyruth and Patrick to arrive, my date was my son, as always. Thank for coming Drew. :*

This sign brought a smile to my face! I wish I was a kid below 4 ft too.

Andrew and Pat's Fave.... Goulash. Andrew loves their goulash, but felt that it wasn't as thick as it used to be. Delicious, nevertheless.
Ahhhh... The cheese fondue! A delicious blend of cheeses, white wine and garlic. This gets 3/5 NOM's 😛
This dish was to die for. Babyruth and I ate most of it and didn't want to share! hehehe Soooo deelish! 5 Noms for me! I would've wanted it a bit more "toasted" but this was so good!
The Cheese and Beef Fondue
Careful! It's Boiling HOT! Let give this "guy" a dip in the Hot jacuzzi. Heheheh. 3/5 Noms
Prime Rib. 500 grams of it! I was soooo busog but managed a few bites! 3/5 Noms. It had a bit too much cartilage for me. Teste wise it was yummy.
This steak rice never lets me down. All the bits and pieces from the steak, yes, the fat bits too. 😯 This has ALWAYS made everyone who tasted it gush with NOM..NOM..NOM. this gets 5/5 NOM's 😀

Babyruth, is the generous bearer of yummy food finds. Thanks Babyruth! 😀

Hawthorn Haw FLakes! Yuuum!

 UBE LENGUA? Who knew?? This was yuuuummmm!!!

Another splendid evening with wonderful friends who refuse to have their photos taken.;) Thanks so much Babyruth, Andrew and Patrick for the wonderful company and muy delicioso food! Til out next outing!

Old Swiss Inn Restaurant

Somerset Olympia

Ground Level, Somerset Olympia , Makati Ave. cor. Sto. Tomas St., Makati, Metro Manila, PH

Telephone: (63 2) 818-8251, (63 2) 812-1010 loc 511, 512

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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  1. Pria, can I tell you, I LOVE the Old Swiss Inn. It was among my Dad’s favorite restaurants. I love the costumes and how they never changed the atmosphere. It is like a walk down memory lane during each visit.

    Miss you!


    P.S. Andrew is so big now. So guapo!.

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