Foodies Unite Part 2

Another Fab evening with friends surrounded by good food and great conversation. We even had the pleasure of hearing Mannix sing a beautiful song for us tonight. Thanks Mannix! 😀

This was our pre-thanksgiving dinner get together and we’re already planning our next adventure when my  organic duck orders come in next week. It’ll be duck 3-ways! So excited for that.

The wonderful people of the night.

Chris Bautista, Patrick Ang, Ricky and Ginny Banaag
Ian and Helen Mckenzie, Mannix Pena
Waiting for dinner to be served.


Pat’s Sardine Pasta and Pria’s Kitchen’s Paella Valenciana


Contis’ Baked Salmon (Thanks Babyruth!) and Chef Ian’s Vegetable Curry Nom! NOm! Nom!


Pria’s Kitchen’s Roast Turkey and Homemade Italian Sausage And Apple Stuffing.

Our Table for the evening.
My Deeeeeelish Plate. Nom! Nom! Nom! 😀
Moist Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream
Chocolate Moist Cake from Manila Hotel - Moist and decadent. Love Love Love hte chocolate cigars and balls too!!! Thanks Ginny and Ricky. 🙂
Strawberry Shortcake Light, airy and not so sweet. So good! Thanks Mannix.
Babyruth bearing gifts again. I love my new carbon steel wok! Thanks so much Achie! 😀
The Gang
The best photo of the night. Mannix and Ian. Chef Ian you're gonna do what to Xander? Hahaha.

Another great night with delicious food, amazing company and great conversation. Til our next “session” 😉

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


2 thoughts on “Foodies Unite Part 2

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  1. Pri, those mini cupcakes were the best!
    I miss your food.
    Can’t wait to try your Orange Crunch cake!
    (Yup! Making parinig!!! I want to order na kasi! Sige, when you come back na lang.)

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