Champetre at the Fort

Tonight was my Bible study group’s, dubbed as ” The SW Mafia” (don’t ask why, hahaha.. loong story),    Christmas dinner and we all agreed to try out the new Champetre. This resto is quite familiar to me as Mother Goose and I frequented this place when it was still Je Suis Gourmand.

Champetre, which means Country living,  is a family owned business, run and managed by Chef Marc Aubry.

Here are the photos of the night.

Waiting for the rest of the guys and gals to arrive. Our table for the night.
Tom's practice/test shots while waiting for the rest to arrive. Me hunggers! 😦
Tina and Thomas, Sherwin and Lanee
Kerry, Berlyn and Shann

Tina, Thomas and I decided to order ahead while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive. I was so happy that our server, Jester was so attentive and went out of his way to accommodate certain food requests. This was a MAJOR PLUS for me! 😛

Mesclun with crisp bacon lardons with blue cheese, eggs, tomatoes, walnuts and smoked salmon

This was one of the dishes that our waiter, Jester helped me out with. Je Suis Gourmand had a salad just like this with smoked salmon, but they changed the menu up a bit and added the bacon lardons instead. Jester agreed to have smoked salmon added on to my dish WITHOUT giving me “LIP” or a “Oh my gosh, she’s so difficult” look on his face, and just said “Yes, we can do that”. Me likey! 😆 The salad came to me a tad bit over dressed for my taste, and Jester once again came to the rescue and gave me more greens to neutralize the taste of the over dressed “for a party” salad. 😉

Thomas' Braised Veal Cheeks. Deeeelish!
Tina's Angus ribeye cooked medium. She said it was delish.

Now… another dish that our waiter, Jester helped me out with was my main dish. I’ve been having major “Acid” recently and my dr. has asked me to stay away from uber rich, oily and acidic food. I wanted to eat my fave, the braised lamb shank, but I decided to be good and keep on the healthy side.  Jester recommended a delish dish for me that wasn’t on the menu. It was a seafood platter consisting of Prawns, Sea Bass and Scallops. Another special request of cooking it in olive oil instead of butter. 😦 Sigh….. It was so good that it didn’t need the extra butter at all! The veggies and pasta were good too!

My "not on the menu seafood plate". Prawns, Sea Bass and Scallops. Yuuum-O!
Kerry and Lanee's Salad with Seared Foie Gras. Nom! Nom!
Shann's Angus Beef Onglet AKA- Hanger or Skirt Steak.He said it was good.
Berlyn's Seafood pasta.

With Chef Marc Aubry. Say hello when you see him and ask him to recommend his faves!

This was another fantabulous dinner with the “Mafia”. These are the women that I hold near and dear to my heart as we learn more about Jesus and serve Him together. Growing together as friends and sisters in the Lord, having real accountability without feeling judged and knowing that when push comes to shove, I know these women have my back, and I have theirs. 🙂 I love you gals!

“Food nourished the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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