Balls and Dumplings Food Fest @Home

My dear friend Babyruth came over after a shopping hoarding spree at Hypermart, after discovering an array of balls and dumplings. She called and said that she was going to bring ALL of them over for our dinner tonight, and promised to show me how she used to cook them during her 5 1/2 year stint in China. This brought her back memories of sipping hot soup on a cold night  filled with a wonderful assortment of seafood balls, meat balls and veggies.

Here’s the spread of balls and dumplings we had that night. :O

Mantou, prata, kikiam, an assortment of meat balls, fish balls and squid balls. Plus veggie dumplings, mushroom and pork dumplings, leek and mushrooms, rice balls... phew! :O


Choose your balls of choice and set aside.

Time for a short Prosecco break.
Our choice for the night. - 2 kinds meat balls, squid balls and cuttlefish balls. Please give them a good rinse before cooking.

Here’s what we do for the simple yet delish bowl of soup balls 😉 Try saying that 3 times 🙂 hahahhah.

Rough chop some cabbage, carrots and onions. Place them in a pot with boiling water.
Add the balls and allow to boil for about 5 minutes and simmer for another 15 minutes, until puffy. Season with salt and white pepper if desired. You can even add chicken stock for more flavour.
Taste for desired seasoning and adjust accordingly. Serve. I would like to put sotanghon or even chap chae noodles, but Babyruth said no need for added carbs.
The simplicity of this dish is amazing and the flavor combinations of the balls and veggies turned out yum! Who says things have to be complicated to taste good? On the contrary, sometimes the simpler the better! 😉
Our pick of the dumpling pile...
Heat canola oil in a skillet and add frozen dumplings. Allow to fry until the bottoms have browned. Add some water, cover and allow steam to cook the dumplings as all the way through.
Serve just as is or with black vinegar or even soy sauce.

Last dish of the night. Delicious Mantou! This was sooooo good! Never tried it with condensed milk til tonight and I must admit, it was faaantastico! 🙂

Deep fried mantou. tsk tsk! Crisp on the outside, dense, creamy and "breaddy" on the inside. NOM!
Dunk and bite! So good!

I enjoyed this Balls and Dumplings Fest I had with Babyruth and Mannix. Looking for other great finds to try and do another Food Fest @home. Any suggestions? I would love to hear what you have in mind 😛

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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