Foodies Unite 3 – MX Residence

Foodies unite (3) for our Christmas dinner and BOY, it was an amazing feast!!! We were in the presence of World renown chefs that cooked and created spectacular dishes for our dinner tonight. Surrounded by my new found friends and fellow gastronomes, we celebrated the end 2011 with fantabulous company, conversation and of course amazing food.

Mannix opened his beautiful home and hosted this fab potluck dinner. Thanks, Mannix! 😀

Here’s the G that happened tonight.

Our table for the night =)
Nom! Nom! Nom!
Chef Ian and Helen, Chef Edwin, Chef Rey and Andrew
Jeff and Lauren, Chef Chris and Patrick's back! 😛
Jeff and our Fab Host, Mannix!
Chef Edwin's Prawns with Nam Pla. Sooooo good!
Pat's yummy potato salad
Chef Chris' deeeelish Seared Salmon and Tuna Tataki!
PK's Roast Turkey and Eggless Caesar Salad
Chef Ian's Proscuitto Wrapped Banana topped with Parm, So goooood!
Chef Ian's pasta 2 ways. Pesto and Pomodoro. Sluuuurp!
Chef Ian's Chicken Stew with Potatoes and Olives. Babyruth loved this dish and everything else. This was gooood! 😛
Chef Rey's Deeeeeelish Ox tongue with bella shrooms in a demi-glace reduction. Ahhhhhh!!! FANTASTICO!
Here's a close up of the dish.
Babyruth's long silky black hair. Hoping she "allows" me to finally take a photo of her and post it here. One of these days, BRC??? ;)! hahahah!
My son, Andrew loving every bite! So happy you came and my my very cool friends!
Rainier Cherries! The Best!
Mannix with his "babies". They are so cute!!!! Gigil! "Tito Mannix is cool, mom" - Andrew
MX's Giveaway for the night. Lovely Bagabon Bag Charms. 😀
Gorgeous packaging

One of my resolutions last year was to step out of my comfort zone, allow things to flow naturally without trying to be the control freak that I am and I am glad I did. Meeting these wonderful new friends and getting to know them is truly a great blessing.

2011 was a year of trials and enormous blessings. The Lord is truly amazing. Ending the year with family, friends, good health and superb food…… gives me a heart that is overflowing with joy and contentment.

Claiming that 2012 will be even more amazing for us all! 😀

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”

Check out BAGABONS on FB. He has amazing finds.


One thought on “Foodies Unite 3 – MX Residence

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  1. Pri, I LOVED all the yummy dishes! 🙂
    Can’t wait for our first Foodies Unite dinner!
    Duck, 3-ways? YUM!
    Happy new year, Pri!

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