Welcoming 2012, Solony Style

Polo Club has been our “New Year’s Eve Home” for about 4 years now. Celebrating and welcoming the New Year with family and friends is truly an amazing year-ender event. This year, Father Goose decided to join us! It was so awesome to have him join in on the festivities. I was yawning and yawning before him! Geeeze….. I really dislike this getting old-er feeling. Whatever happened to the girl that stayed up ’til 8am after partying up a storm? I guess she  I Got older! 🙄 Sigh……. ok, ok…… back to my post ➡

Here are a few snapshots of the night. Happy New Year everyone!

The venue for the night. The band played "Rockin' Revivals" Although I am more of an 80's music kind of girl, my sibs and pops enjoyed it 😉


Tebs, Ken, Mit, Tebs, Dimples and Mark
Batboy, Moi, Guy and Trish
Ken, Father Goose "Pops", Gino

Although the food at Polo’s NYE party needs a lot of tweaking and improvement,  we are really there for the company, proximity, booze and fireworks! 😀

The sushi rice was waaaay to vinegary 😯

Anna and Ava. Guy and Trish
The gang of the night!
Missing Tom and Sam. Hope you guys can come home soon! We miss you!
Gino, dimples, Mark and Mit
Goofing around with my not so "baby" I love you Drew!
Baby your you're a firework.......
Gramps and Drew
Eldest son with Pops
The boys.... Wish you were here Tom and Sam!!!

2011 was an amazing year for me and my family. The great thing about family is that we know we are there for each other through good and bad times. Helping each other when one is down by extending a “hand” and helping them get up. Through heartaches, problems, depression, anxiety etc…. Family is very important to me. I love you Solony’s!!! 😀


Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


4 thoughts on “Welcoming 2012, Solony Style

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  1. lovely pics. what’s with Steve’s fumanchu? the chef in you just couldn’t resist critiquing the food, eh? next year they should avail your services. could u imagine preparing for that event? and how much bank you’d make? you’d prolly end up in the hospital from exhaustion but boy the mula you’d have!

    1. That would be AWESOME, Tess! But they have their in house chefs already. Would be amazing to help them tweak it though.. hahahha you’re right! i won’t be able to handle that AAAND PK AAAnd bapchi! hahhahaha…. Dont think it’ll be worth it. Health is more impt! 😀 Hope to see you soon!

      1. speaking of Bapchi – still haven’t tasted any 1 of your dishes there. sana next time nga I can. I’m salivating for that pulled pork sandwich.

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