Lemlunay Resort, Sarangani Province

One of the places I enjoy going to when I am in Sarangani, is Lemlunay Dive Resort. It has a full view of Sarangani Bay and it is a perfect spot for complete relaxation. Nestled on a cliff facing the bay, it is also a protected marine sanctuary.  Although I do not dive and am completely terrified at the thought of it, I have had lots of friends and family go down and explore the waters and they have had only great stories to tell. They are PADI certified and have dive instructors and dive masters available at all times. I’m still thinking if I will get certified. Maybe one day. 😕

Did I mention the food? They have delish food available and nice cold drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. 🙂

Love the breeze and fresh air. Sit and wait for amazing food while grabbing a nice cold drink.

Perfect spot to read a book and do quiet time.
Walkway that takes you to the pool and rooms.

I spy with my little eye - a HUGE cactus! It was gorgeous and blooming as well.
I love bogamvillas!
Heading back to the dining area where the trees shield you from the sun. I love walking through this area.
The wall is so big and amazing that snorkeling is awesome! That, I can do 😉
Just look at the water!!! Amazing. Makes you want to dive right in!
Chilling by the bay. I love this place.

Sarangani is my 2nd home away from home and I try and fly down every chance I get. I love taking friends to see that Sarangani is an amazing and peaceful place. The people warm, the food… amazing and there are so many things to do. I have been here for about 11 days and  I am fully charged. All my “tanks” are full and I’m ready to tackle Manila madness once again. 😛

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“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


3 thoughts on “Lemlunay Resort, Sarangani Province

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  1. Boy! I was so thrilled that I could see the bottom of the waters!
    Place was so tranquil.
    A peaceful, beautiful quietness, if you know what I mean.
    I could just sit there the whole afternoon, just breathing in the fresh sea unpolluted air!
    Next time, I want to explore the grounds, too.

    And yes, that Hamachi we had was yummy, too!
    Again, thanks for bringing us there, Pri! 🙂

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