Belgian Beer Cafe, Sydney

I had a major craving for mussels the other day and my dear friend, Claudia and her roomie, Erwin took me to Belgian Beer Cafe in Cammeray. We were so lucky because Wednesdays are half priced mussels day. They were fantastic! I can’t wait to head back there with batboy this weekend 🙂

This cafe has an extensive beer menu, delish food and a cozy pub feel to it. I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

My fave beef. Wish I could've had this, had to nurse my tummy 😦

A Duroboz dark Beer for Erwin.

My lunch buddies for the day 😀 Thanks guys.

Fried Calamari for our starter. I loved the cornmeal texture on the breadding.

Deeeelish Chips! Nom!

Erwin's mussel pot with bacon, white wine and cream.

Claudia's Tom Yum Mussels. This was awesome! -SIAM

My deeelish mussel pot. Cooked with coconut cream, cilantro, onions and spices. Soooo good!


429 Miller Street, Cammeray
(02) 9954 3811

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”

  1. Pria, you made my mouth water! This is toally my kind of place. You can’t go wrong with beer and mussels. Kisses to you and Andrew.


  2. babyruth said:

    Looks yummy!!
    Love mussels!

    Pringles, come home na!!!!

    Miss my eating buddy…
    and my drinking buddy!

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