Marigold Deux

My son comes home from school and spends the weekend with me. I asked him where he wanted to have lunch since he’s been eating dorm food all week and wanted to take him somewhere special. Without hesitation, he chooses Yum Cha, again. So Marigold, here we come. 😀

Marigold’s yum cha never disappoints. Well, aside from the truck loads of people in the resto, waiting in line  and having to wait a little longer for the trolleys to get to your table, it’s all worth it. The food is amazing. Marigold’s dimsum is the best we’ve tasted so far here in Sydney.

My lovely lunch date.
This is always good!
Scallop Veggie Dumplings
Roast Duck. Yuuuum!
Our yum cha lunch staple, Steamed Kailan.

Mango crepe with whipped cream! Soooo yuuuum!
Take a bit of that yummy goodness!

After our delish lunch, Andrew and I decided to walk around, head to the mall and purchase things that he needed to bring back to school. We had a jam-packed day and needed to relax and quiet down. My dear friend Claudia, joined us for a cold drink after work. It was a quiet night, but that’s exactly what we needed!

the 3 amigos! I'm liking pure blonde. i think i've found my beer of choice 🙂
Mum and Bum Bonding
Cheers, sis!!! Thanks for always taking us out! 😀

Another chill and fab night! Loving my time in Syd!

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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