Scallops with Capers and White Wine Sauce

I made a trip to Sydney’s Chinatown market (Paddy’s Market) this afternoon and had a blast!  The produce market was hustling and bustling with a ton of its patrons eagerly purchasing all their fresh veggies and fruit while the vendors were shouting out prices and friendly banter trying to catch everyone’s attention. I was in shopper’s heaven. I love going to the market.

I found amazing scallops and salmon on the 2nd floor of paddy’s market and decided to make scallops with white wine for my dinner and the salmon for tomorrow’s dinner. Here are some of my delicious and uberly fresh produce finds.

Kailan, mushrooms, eggplants, green beans. parsley and knorr! haha. the melon was sooooo sweet and delish!

Now let’s get started with Pria’s Scallops with Capers and White Wine Sauce.

Here’s what you will need:

Parsley, Garlic, Lemon, Capers and Tomatoes
Please use a white wine that you like to drink and not a cooking wine.
Hmmmm.... scallops 😛

The other ingredients that I failed to photograph were canola oil, butter, chicken or vegetable stock, salt and pepper. My apologies 😦

Here we go….

Heat a saute pan over medium heat and add canola oil. Season scallops with salt and pepper and sear them on both sides making sure not to overcook them or they will be tough. Set aside.

Remember to season both sides.

Add more canola oil and butter back into the pan and saute the garlic, tomatoes and capers until cooked through. Deglaze the pan with white wine and allow to reduce 50%. Add chicken or vegetable stock ( I used chicken stock) and allow to simmer until slightly reduced. Add chopped parsley and remaining cold butter making sure to keep stirring.

Make sure to swirl the pan or whisk it to finish the sauce.

Place scallops in a serving dish and pour the sauce on top. Squeeze lemon to liven the dish up.  Serve and enjoy! 😀

NOTE ** you can substitute prawns and fish fillet for this dish and it will taste just as fab! 😀

Perfect dinner! It was so good!

Just wanted to share a great find with you all. My friend, chef Ian Mckenzie shared one of his “secret ingredients” with me and I am ecstatic that he did. Not only is it healthy, it doesn’t have MSG! For those in the Pinas, you can purchase this at the leading health food stores around the metro.Massel is awesome! Try it out when you get the chance. This is an awesome product. (No, I am not getting paid to advertise this. I just believe and love this product)

Chicken, Beef and Vegetable powder
No MSG?!?! Winning!!! 😀

 Hope you guys thry this recipe out and let me know how it turned out.

Pria’s Scallops with Capers and White Wine Sauce:

Canola oil or Olive oil

3 Tbsp butter ( 1Tbsp to finish the sauce)

2  cloves garlic, sliced thinly

2 Tbsp  parsley, chopped

1 Tbsp  capers

1/2  tomato, diced

1/4  cup  white wine

1/4  cup  chicken or vegetable stock

1/4 lemon

Enjoy! 😀

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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