Hunter Valley Vineyards Part 1, Sydney

Andrew and I spent the weekend at my dear friend Sandra and Michael’s home. We had  such a wonderful time with them. They are such amazing hosts. Checking the car for our road trip to the Hunter Valley.

Last minute check before we head up to the vineyards.

Sydney’s weather, has been hit or miss the past few weeks. One day hot, the next day wet! Crazy weather. I really can’t complain because all my friends who live here say that this summer was not Hot at all! Yaaay for me! I hate the heat! This was my first vineyard tour experience and it was supposed to rain that day. We were amazed and blessed that it was such a gorgeous day. Thank you, Lord. 😀

Andrew and I are psyched 🙂

We got there at lunch time and we were all excited to munch of delish food. Sandra and Michael took us to Oscar’s cafe. The food was yuuum! The crispy roast pork with english gravy? Forget about it! It was awesome! I will experiment make make that when i head home.

Sorry for the blurry photos.... we were moving quite fast.
Sorry, car was moving too fast. couldn't get a good shot.
What a beaut!
Alas.... Oscars for lunch.
My lunch buddies for the day, Sandra and Michael. Forgot to take a photo of batboy.
Crispy roast pork. Nom nom!
Pork, chicken, pasta and steak pie. They gravy was yummy.
Gorgeous place. It was quite hot to walk around. Praise God we we had a car. 🙂

Next stop….

Everything in there was from the UK. Even the sodas.
Every kids dream store. Even some big kids. 😉
Another candy/chocolate store.

My lovely store finds.

Can't wait to try these out when I get home.

It was an awesome day spending with with my son and good friends. Next, we’re headed to the different vineyards to taste all the different wines. Sarap!


“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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