Hunter Valley Part 2, Sydney

After all that food and free wine tastings, we were feeling happy and hot! With the sun blazing in all its glory and the sky, picture perfect, I felt like heading off to the beach and swimming in Australia’s cold ocean waters. Ooooh… that would be so refreshing!

We visited 3 or was it 4 vineyards and had several tasting glasses of the different amazing wines grown and bottled here. They were so delish. I needed to stop myself from buying too much as my suitcase is pretty jam-packed already! 😦

Saw this on the road. This is great for those visiting and do not have cars. Call them and experience the vines of Hunter Valley.
Our first stop, tempus Two. This was such a beautiful store showcasing their wonderful vinos.

We couldn’t wait to get out of the blistering heat; as we opened the doors, we felt a burst of the chilly air-conditioned air that felt oh so good! What a beautiful showroom Tempus Two had. My heart skipping a beat, excited to sample all they had to offer.

Beautiful mosaic tiles greet you as you open the doors.
Wine, Sparkling Wine and more Wine.

There were 2 bottles that caught my eye that day. A sparkling Shiraz (never heard or tried one before), this was so sarrap, and a wonderful dessert wine.

Can't wait to drink this when I head back to Manila.
Sweet deliciousness 😛
Looks like sarangani in a way. Instead of grape vines, Sara is filled with rice paddies and coconut trees.Hahahah. Beautiful view!

First time to taste these types of grapes. They were sweet and tart and just deeeelish!

I had an amazing time at Hunter Valley. Thank you so much Sandra and Michael for taking us on a wonderful adventure. This will definitely be “engraved” in my heart and memory bank and will always treasure this day. Thank you my dear friends.

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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