Lashings Burgers, Sydney

After our wonderful long day in Hunter Valley, Sandra and Michael took us to dinner at Lashings. This is a small fastfood burger joint that puts out delicious burgers and other mouthwatering dishes.  Michael says that this is one of his favorite burger joints in the city.  If it wasn’t for Michael’s fast and the furious car, plus his amazing driving skills, we wouldn’t have made it to the store. We made it just in the knick of time. 5 minutes before closing! Hahahha!

Waiting for our orders
Excited to see what it looks like 🙂
WHOA! This guy was huge!
Decked out with a fried egg, tomato sauce, grilled pineapple, beets,bacon, lettuce tomatoes, the WORKS!!!

This is definitely a Lashings burger for the Lashing… get it??  hahahha. Corney! Sorry bout that!

The burger was so huge that I couldn't bite the top and bottom bun at the same time. I at half and I was stuffed! I took home the rest and ate it the next day. This is one Deeeeeelish burger!

Sandra took the healthier alternative. She had a Lashings chicken burger. It was so good as well. The chicken breast cooked perfectly and stayed so juicy.

Sarap! I think that might have been avocado mayo.Hmmmmm...

The Aussie’s definitely make mean chips! The chips in this country are so good!

Chips with chicken salt. So gooooood!


151 Lyons Road  Drummoyne NSW 2047
(02) 9181 1122

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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