Dinner with Nicole and VaVa

A lovely dinner with my 2 friends, Nicole and VaVa. It was a great night to catch up and talk about beauty, fashion, food and potential business endeavors. A relaxing night amongst good friends is a great way to spend an evening. Thanks gals! Looking forward to our next dinner.

Thanks for having us over Nicolai! 😉

Nic’s fab collection of paintings.

We started our evening with VaVa Albaracin’s delicious walnut cheese ball and crackers. VaVA is an amazing chef that is in the process of launching her food line soon. She is so talented  and passionate about food that  you can taste it in every single bite. I will be posting her food items for sale soon.

Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! This was heavenly with the right amount of blue cheese to give it that tangy flavour! Deeelish!
Take a bite! NOM!

Next up… Nicole’s canapé platter. 😀


Pria’s Kitchen’s Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Salad with Creamy Balsamic-Honey Vinaigrette.

VaVa’s Roast chicken! Succulent, juicy and full flavoured! Soooo good!
Nicole’s Deeeelish Cheese chicken Orzo risotto! Sarrrap Nic! 😀
My fab dinner plate!

My dear friend Nicole is a woman of elegance and style. Not only is she an amazing friend and gracious hostess, she is an intelligent and savvy business woman as well.  She has her own jewelry and bag line, called Nicole Whisenhunt and her stuff are being sold all over the world!  This friend of mine is amazing! So proud of you Nic! 😀

And… I’m not done. She is also one of the founders/owners of the CURA V store located at the Powerplant Mall (Rockwell). Amazing rare finds for your home. Way to go Nic!!

I had such an amazing time with these wonderful friends of mine. Till the next time ladies! 😀


“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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