Tous Les Jours, ATC, Alabang

I visited my friend Steffi in Alabang and decided to head out to Alabang Town Center for lunch. Steff and I have been friends for quite sometime now and our chicka-chicka sessions have been way overdue.

As we were deciding on a place to eat, I spied with my little eye this really cute store called Tous Les Jours. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised! What a cute bakery. I immediately looked for the manager and asked if I could take photos of their products. I’m so happy she said yes!

As i was scoping the place, I told Steffi, “The  mark of a good bakery, is if their baguettes are good, if the simple baguette can’t be perfected, then the rest of the stuff will just be mediocre”. I headed to the baguette stand, took one, tore a piece off right there and took a bite. WOW! It was good!!! Crusty yet soft on the inside! Deeelish!

As i was talking to the manager, I was so surprised to find out that Tous Les Jours is a franchise from Korea. Korea? Really?! Awesome. Steffi and I bought several items and wanted to just have this for lunch. They didn’t have a small area for tables, so we had our goodies bagged and we headed out to look for our resto.



They even have cakes and pastries
I love their packaging!
For sanitation purposes, the sales girls have mouth shields.. Kinda weird to look at at first, but you soon realise that it’s a good thing to avoid any unwanted splatters every now and then. 😛

These were sooooo good! I bought some for my parents and they loved it! So soft and the cream cheese filling… yuuuuummmy!!! The first bite is kinda weird because you are not expecting the cheese, but as you chew, OMGULAY, it’s so sarap! (delicious)


This was so sarap! A bit oily for me, but Nom!!!
This was ok lang for me. The sausage (w/c they import from korea), was good, but the texture of the dough was a bit tough for me.

For those bread lovers out there, come visit Tous Les Jours at the Alabang Town Center, where Rustans is. The bread is deeelish! 😀

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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