Sydney in the Spring 2012

My trip to Sydney this time has been full of wonderful surprises. My trip started out great! I took Philippine Airlines this trip and since I am quite a scaredy cat , freaked out by all forms turbulence, my usual SOP upon boarding a plane is to usually speak to the flight attendants on board and let them know that i am a terrible flier. I was so happy to know that the plane we were taking to SYD was a brand new Boeing 777. The plane was gorgeous, spacious and the crew… amazing.



Take off for me is quite stressful on all flights I board. However, this trip had terrible turbulence (the undetected type) and I was on edge, well.. freaking out was more like it and in tears! 😦 Marissa, one of the FA’s I spoke to on board, rushed to the seat beside me and talked me through my panic stage and waited out the turbulence with me. I thought that was so amazing of her to take that extra step to make sure that I was ok. Now, that’s what I call awesome service! Thanks to her, the color came back on my face…. yes! Marissa said that my entire face turned pale and she was worried that I was gonna pass out! Hahahha… I can laugh about it now, but I was completely terrified then.

The PALService on my Sydney trip was amazing! The food was delish as well. Here are some of the shots I took on board.






Almost there. 🙂


Upon deplaning, I was greeted by my wonderful and sweet son, Andrew. I found it so cute that he bought me flowers. What a great son!


Being that my son is on a tight budget while in Uni, and mother is in town, he decides to eat at his fave Yum-Cha resto in the city, called, Marigold. He had his fill of deeelish dimsum.






After lunch, we decided to walk to Pitt Street Mall and do some window shopping. The weather was perfect. Love the cold. After several hours of walking, Andrew and I decided to stop by our usual pub in the city and grab a beer. I am NOT a beer drinker, but the Ozzies have amazing beer.

Of course Mumsy has one too 🙂


Day 1 was amazing! Looking forward to the rest of my wonderful vacay 🙂


“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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  1. Naku, Pring. You and I can never fly together. The flight attendants won’t know which one of us to calm down first. Your son is so sweet.

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