Ramen Kan, Sydney

Andrew decided to take me to his favorite ramen resto in the city. I found it so cute becasue I used to be the one who who tour him around Sydney and now he says, “I’m excited to show you “MY” city and make you try all my foodie finds” 🙂

We headed for Chinatown where Ramen Kan was located. It was a small little place packed with people. I was excited to have an awesome bowl or ramen.


Waiting for his Tantanmen.


Calpis… So refreshing.


Yummy Gyoza



oooh la-la delicious!



Andrew’s OMGulay spicy ramen. This kid loves his chili. 😯


That was a delicious lunch. On our way home we stopped by a chinese store to buy some stuff for Andrew’s dorm. As i was scoping the place out, I spy with my little eye a nice carbon steel wok with a handle. My dear friend, Babyruth gave me one sometime ago and I love using it. I was psyched to find one with a handle. Yaaay me! 🙂

This photo, really cracked me up. On our bus ride home I just had to take this photo of Andrew carrying a bag of goodies. My not so little “China-man” carrying a bunch of food and a wok to boot! I found it hilarious. Thanks for posing, hon. 😛


Ramen Kan Address
Level 1, 90 Hay St
Haymarket NSW 2000

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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