The Bulgogi, Stylish BBQ, Chatswood, NSW

Another day to visit places I have never been to, and my tour guide? My wonderful son, Andrerw. He took me to Chatswood where we were going to head down to the Pinoy Store to buy some of his Pinoy “fix supplies”. But before moving onto the food shopping part, we decided to have lunch. We saw this Bulgogi place and decided to check it out. NOT BAD AT ALL! It was delicious!!


My not so “little man” famished and waiting for his food to arrive.


I ordered their famous Wagyu Bibimpab lunch set which turned out to de so good! It was HUGE! I couldn’t finish my food. Deelish!



Love this seaweed seasoning spice they put on top. NOMERS!



Mumsy, is a happy camper!


Here comes Andrew’s Wagyu Burger Lunch Meal. Complete with susi, salad, rice and tempura.



When we were done with out fab lunch, we decided to walk around the area where there was a wonderful street market full of amazing food finds. Andrew and I were full to the brim and couldn’t think of eating anything else. After much walking and window shopping we decided to stop by one of these small kiosks that sell these wonderful pancake like circles, filled with an a array of fillings, from red bean, to vanilla custard, green tea, there was just so much to chose from. We decided on the vanilla custard. This pastry was so good!



Another wonderful day spent with my son. I thank the Lord everyday for the all blessings He has so graciously given us. I cherish every moment I have with Andrew. Thanks for taking me out, Drew.


380 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW
(02)9410 3900

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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