Shorts Gourmet by Mannix Pena

My dear friend Mannix Pena is a total Jack of all trades. From Graphic Design (Ethos) to Corporate Gifting (Bagabons) to Branding and Packaging and loads more. This design guru adds yet another notch on his belt with his newest creation called Shorts Gourmet. Shorts, are wonderful mini shortbread cookies stuffed with Belgian chocolate. Shorts comes in 3 flavors and are an awesome accompaniment to a nice cup of joe. Dark Devine (My fave), Mocha Latte and Nutrageous Pistachio.

Meet Mannix Pena, the creator of SHORTS GOURMET



Shorts’ gorgeous packaging.

An assorted box of 15 (5 Dark Devine, 5 Mocha Latte, 5 Nutrageous Pistachio) for only Php. 295.00


Dark Devine. My fave!

Mocha Latte for all you coffee lovers out there!

Nutrageous Pistachio

Looking for gifts this holiday season? Consider Shorts Gourmet. These fantastic mini shortbread cookies will not disappoint. 🙂



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“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”




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