Shorts Gourmet Manila By Mannix Peña

Here’s another post of my dear friend, Mannix. Not only is this guy an amazing graphic designer, he is uber talented as well. He designs, cooks, bakes, draws really well, sings like a recording artist. A jack of all trades, indeed. Meet Mannix. 😀


Mannix has many things up his sleeves. He is the creator behind Shorts Gourmet Manila. He came up with mini shortbread cookies stuffed with Belgian chocolate centers that melt in your mouth.

His shortbread cookies aka “SHORTS” are avaiable in all Rustan’s Supermarkets around the country.

He has also come up with original designs for special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter and they are called Shorbs.These gumpaste orbs are filled with his shortbread cookies and one must crack the shorb open to be able to eat them.  His creations are amazing as you can see for yourself. 😀 All original ideas created by the design guru himself.


Mother’s Day Shorbs

Easter Shorbs

Easter Shorbs

Christmas Shorbs

Christmas Shorbs

Once you’re in the creative zone, there’s really no stopping a person that is filled with passion for what he does. Mannix is now ready to accept custom created cakes for all occasions. Birthdays, weddings, debuts, etc…. Give him a holler, set up an appointment and he will design a cake just for your needs.









Shorts Gourmet Manila



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