Tjioe, The Caterer by Edwin Tan and Rey Lim

The Holidays are always an awesome way to get together with friends and family. Being surrounded by great company, witty conversation and amazing food is truly one of the ways I like to spend my evenings.

I was invited to the beautiful home of Edwin Tan. Boy! He sure knows how to throw a great dinner! With his amazing business partner and World Renown Chef, Rey Lim, this dynamic duo can make any dream celebration extravaganza come true. Their culinary skills and sense of style and glam will definitely make your dinner party/celebration memorable.

Our table for the night.

We started off with these amazing seafood shells. They make their own shells by the way. They were Deeelish!

The set up for our amazing dinner. Edwin Tan, Rey Lim and Jeff Teh
This amazing fish dish by Rey Lim! I loved that he used achara to kick it up a notch. So good!
Juicy Pork Roast and a to die for Honey Chicken. Yuuuummy!!!
Chef Rey’s amazing Pinakbet Salad. His bagoong dressing was so good. His Lotus Rice with Chinese Sausage kept me oohing and ahhing the entire night.
Pasta Primavera and Roasted Veggies. Nom!
Look at that spread! Thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful home and gracing our tummies with all the amazing food!
Chef Rey in action!
Getting ready for dessert. They made and concocted their own ice cream flavor for the night asking their guests to guess what was in it. Sadly, none of the foodies got it. 😦 The secret ingredient of the night?…… Seaweed! Yup! Seaweed and avocado ice cream. Sounds funky but tasted delish!
So refreshing
Here’s to Great Food, Amazing Chefs and to New Friends.

Looking for a caterer that provides amazing food and service? Call TJIOE, The Caterer and they will take care of your every need.


Tjioe (pronounced Choo) the Caterer started as a quaint restaurant (Quiksnack) serving signature Chinese dishes in the streets of Carvajal, Binondo since the late 1960’s. Four decades later in 1990, the “New Quiksnack Corp.”, branched out into the catering industry, thus the birth of “Tjioe The Caterer.” Taking roots from it’s signature Chinese heritage, “Tjioe” has successfully blended the oriental tastes we all love, with the culinary realm of the west. Never sacrificing on quality and taste,

“Tjioe The Caterer” has grown into one of Chinatown’s best caterers. Well-guarded recipes passed on from generation to generation have given Tjioe its distinct flavors that its clients have come to know and love. While its passion and knowledge of Chinese cooking has made it a natural choice among lovers of food, Tjioe’s menu has since expanded to pamper to every and any palate.


+63 917 599-9539

594 Quirino Avenue, Tambo, Paranaque City

Phone: 854.6600 | Telefax: 851.0226


Check out their website 


“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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