Mabuhay Palace 4

Looking for amazing Chinese food? Mabuhay Palace is an amazing dining destination. Located in the beautiful Manila Hotel, Mabuhay Palace’s delicious gastronomic creations by Chef Joie Candelaria and Chef Sun Bing are to die for!

Chef Sun Bing and Chef Joie Candelaria. Do say hi when you’re there. They will be more than happy to recommend the best of the best. 😀  Photo courtesy of Babyruth. Thank you 😀

My dear friend, Babyruth invited a few friends over and gorged on spectacular Chinese food! We all felt like being rolled out of the resto like little oinkers that day.  Food… Ahhmazing! 😀 Thanks Babyruth!

Mabuhay Palace’s new creation. Seafood Wanton with Cream Cheese. This was delish!
My fave of the night. Braised Duck and Veggies wrapped in homemade chinese pancakes. Soooo good!!!
Australian Scallop Cups and another fave of mine… The ginger chicken. Saaarap!
Kiam Pong, a chinese Paella Valenciana if you will was delish!  Babyruth said that this is a rice dish that is specially made by chef Sun Bing for Chairman Don Emilio Yap. We were honoured. 😀 It tasted so good!
Homemade beancurd, long-life prawns, Taro basket with veggies (another fave of mine) and the beef tenderloin. NOM!
Our dessert trio. Salted egg ice cream… Yup! you heard me right! Salted egg ice cream. You have to try it for yourself. It is so sarap! Chocolate filled buchi. i was so stuffed, i took mine home 😉 hahhha
This Wife’s Cake, aka Hopia is TO.DIE.FOR! This is THE BEST Hopia I have ever had! Everything is resto made! So good!

Thank you, Babyruth for another delicious dining experience. Chef Joie and Chef Sun Bing, you guys are amazing! Thank you for creating all these wonderful dishes!

Mabuhay Palace

Manla Hotel

1 Rizal Park Manila

527-0011 loc. 1346

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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