Passion…Passed down, keeps on going…

My passion for food started when i was 9. I fondly remember my mum in our kitchen cooking up a storm. A “Chinese Storm”. I remember her sipping a glass of white wine while cooking, chopping, slicing and dicing…. I was hooked! She would cook these amazing dishes using her all time favourite book “Chinese Cuisine -Wei-Chuan’s Cookbook, By: Huang Su-Huei”and would tweak it and make it her own. Her Chinese food was amazingly delicious. The smell of ginger, garlic and scallions permeated the entire house,  as my dad and older brother waited patiently for their meal. She put so much love into her cooking and always emphasized the use of the freshest ingredients available in the market. Never compromising and making sure that everything that came out of her kitchen was “perfect”. I truly believe that she passed on that passion and love for food onto me.

My fave of the bunch…. Stir-Freid Prawns with Broccoli.

Several years later, I whipped up my own concoctions in the kitchen. Experimenting with new flavours, meats, seafood and spices. I remember making a mess in our kitchen, but my mum supported me and encouraged me to keep at it, even if  the entire kitchen looked like a complete war zone (Danger! Do Not Enter!).  I truly thank her for that. The first meal I cooked and prepared as a pre-teen was a Japanese buffet consisting of Sashimi, sushi. mixed tempura, katsudon, chicken terriyaki and Japanese fried rice. Watching my family devour my dishes filled me with so much joy. I knew right then and there, that this was what i wanted to do.

Today, Pria’s kitchen, a small home based kitchen comes up with an array of different dishes that have been perfected throughout the years, almost 15 years in fact. Recipes that have been passed down from my mum, aunts and grandmothers and of course tweaking them, and making them my own.

Here are some of My Best Sellers:

Roast Turkey, Herbed Pork with couscous, Paella Valenciana, Pasta Tartuffo and an array of salads and sweet things to go with them.

Roast turkey with Homemade Italian Sausage Stuffing, mushroom gravy, cranberry jelly and roasted veggies.

Roast Herbed Pork with Mediterranean Couscous

Paella Valenciana

Orange Crunch Cake (Tastes just like an Orange Twin Popsie)

Lava Cake

Posting these photos have brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. Can’t wait to cook these dishes again. Hopefully with my mum. =D

As a mother, I try and encourage my 18 year old son to cook with me. He enjoys making his own dishes and concocting originals of his own. Mind you, he’s a pepper fiend. hahaha… and to my surprise, his food turns out fantastic! I hope that I am able to pass down to him, my passion for food and people as my mother passed them on to me. Sharing and creating awesome memories with your children is something to be cherished forever. Let’s get cooking! =D

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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  1. OMG Pria… my mom used the very same cookbook! I think we still have it somewhere! Your passion for food and cooking is undeniably present in your dishes! My palate is teased to no end!

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