A Seafood Restaurant, Marsfield, NSW

Sending off my son to school has been quite an adventure. Not only are we both facing new trials and triumphs at this stage in our lives, this has been a good time to allow my son to spread his wings and test them out in the real world, equipped with the Christian morals and values that have been instilled in him.

As the days quickly pass, I see how my son, Andrew (aka, batboy. I’ve decided not to call him that anymore, hahahha), has grown up to be a man that I can be proud of. He has an amazing and caring heart, he’s very polite and courteous, compassionate and giving to those in need and most importantly, his love for the Lord is  evident in his life.

Tonight, I had dinner with Andrew and 2 of his flat mates, Shubham and Imane. They are such wonderful people  and I had an amazing dinner with them. It was great to see that in a short span of time, Andrew has been blessed with amazing friends that care and watch out for one another.

Dinner started off quite “combative”, hence, I chose to keep the name of this restaurant to myself 😉  The manager (or was it the owner), was rude, loud and obnoxious. I guess he saw a bunch of “kids” (me included, of course 😉 ) walking in and thought…. “Can these kids afford this place”? Anyway… Imane and I were quite vocal and I was ready to “pounce” and let my tongue do the talking and give it to him, but… by God’s grace, I was able to contain myself. And guess what??? There was 1 waiter for the entire place, and he was rude too! Hahahahah. When we  all calmed down and ordered our food, we did enjoy our meal.  Service was the WORST I have ever had in my entire life, though. Tsk Tsk!

My dining buddies for the evening

Andrew, Imane and Shubham Thanks for coming guys 🙂


Oysters 2 ways. The Creamy cheesy one was amazing. Topped with prawns. Soooo good. The bacon one was so so...
Seafood Risotto, sarap!

Seafood platter consisting of soft shell crab, scallops, swordfish, prawns, langoustines. This was so fresh and deeeelish!
Garlic Prawn Platter

With food in our bellies, good conversation at the table, spending it with new found friends, this dinner was a success, even when the service was Horrendous! I guess some of the upscale restos (and this resto was not that fancy at all! I have been to better and more elegant restaurants) should attend proper service and consumer dining etiquette again.  Talk about a high blood moment! HAhahahhaha… I thank the Lord for helping me keep my cool. 😎

Thanks Andrew, Shubham and Imane for spending the evening with me. I had loads of fun. Hopefully another dinner before I leave.

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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