Basic Photography 101 with Andy Samaniego

Since I started this blog, it has been an obsession of mine to capture and take photos beautifully. In my attempt to do so, using my little handy dandy point and shoot, I tried my best, but somehow wanted more. I was blessed to get a DSLR camera for freeeeee…. thanks tito R 🙂 aaaand with an amazing lens to boot! thanks, J! 🙂 Psyched to use my new toy!

Now comes the tricky part! I tried to shoot with my “New Baby” and FAILED miserably! I had no clue what on earth I was doing, the photos were coming out distorted, dark and funky! I wanted to toss the camera out and give up on it. Until my sister, Michelle talked about taking a basic photography class. 💡 I called my friend/professional photographer, Andy Samaniego and asked if he could teach a private photography class. I was so happy that he agreed to teach me. I gathered 3 friends and we scheduled a class. We are all so thankful to Andy Samaniego for being such a great teacher. We all learned and we’re looking forward to our next session.

Andy teaching!

Here are the gals of the class. Carmen, Kitty and Tricia. Sorry, forgot to take a photo of moi 😛



Here are some of the shots we took. Excited for the food photography class 😀

Here are Tricia’s shots:


Kitty’s shots:


Carmen’s Shots:


Pria’s Shots:


Our teacher, Andy’s shots:


And my fave shot of all…..

This was such a wonderful class! Thanks so much Andy! Looking forward to the next one! 😀

If you want to book a private class with Andy Samaniego, please give him a call at 0917-8986781.

“Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul”


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